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Trends change almost on a daily basis when it comes to things like fashion, business and even insurance. Individual differences lead to the fact that people have different policy requirements from time to time. When coverage policies were just being introduced, the terms and conditions were fairy standard and general for all vehicles. Car insurance news articles highlight the fact that in olden days irrespective of the make, size, or model of a car, the coverage one was offered was standard.These days things are very different; policies are far more customized in accordance to the size of the car, and its specific requirements. A new trend in premium policies can be seen regarding the cost and payment schedule. There has been a significant rise in the cost of a solid policy, making it fairly difficult for low income people to afford proper coverage.Student vehicle coverage policies are the newest thing in the industry. Recent polls on some of the more popular coverage premiums sites show an increase in teen drivers. To cater to this sector most companies have begun to offer coverage policies specifically designed for students. The age limit for these policies is 16 to 21, and proof of ID along with a valid drivers license is necessary to apply.These contracts have special quotes, low yield payments and flexible schedules. This makes it easy for young adults to manage their own needs and requirements. So if you fit in the age bracket, you should find out if your existing company offers this package, or switch to a company which offers it to save money.Another new service being offered currently by industry giants is part specific coverage. This is mainly applicable to those who own classic cars. Owners of classic cars can get some key components and parts insured as well. That way you can have double coverage for your vehicle.In some states rates and payments are also scheduled to raise a significant amount in the coming months. For people who like to keep an update on new trends about getting your vehicle insured, a wise step to take is registering with leading coverage company sites. Most sites offer free registration if you are a client and send you a vehicle coverage news letter on a weekly or monthly basis. That way you can keep yourself informed about new services, laws and amendments that may apply to your policy.

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Checking the car insurance news sites online can provide you with a lot of useful information with a few simple clicks of the mouse. The topics covered on these sites cover questions that are commonly asked. Two topics are detailed below.How to Save Money on Policies:Comparison shopping is the first priority in finding a low priced policy. Locating a well-known and reliable car insurance company will provide you with the appropriate level of coverage. This protection can range from simple liability to full coverage. Get prices from a number of companies before making a definite choice.Having a great driving record keeps the monthly premium amount low. It’s also beneficial to insure a newer car that has safety features. These features include; automatic seatbelts, air bags, anti-theft devices, and anti-lock brakes. It is often much more cost effective to insure a new car, instead of a much older model of vehicle.Placing multiple vehicles on one policy will make the price lower than it would be if each vehicle was listed on a separate policy. Older cars can have a higher deductible, which will lower the monthly premium considerably. This means that the policy holder will be responsible for more out-of-pocket cost in the event of a collision that he/she is at fault for.Insuring Teens for Less:Teens under the age of 18 cannot have their own car insurance policy. They must be listed on an adult’s car policy. Once the teen reaches 18 years old, then he/she may take out a personal policy. It is actually more beneficial to be on someone else’s policy, since it will ultimately save some money. Each additional car added onto an existing policy costs less than the original vehicle.New teen drivers can qualify for a discounted insurance rate by taking a Driver’s Education course. These are offered by many high schools and other accredited institutions. There is a lot of driving time in this course and always with a licensed instructor. A written exam is also given. Once the course is completed, a certificate can be presented to the insurance company for proof that the course was taken and passed.Additional Topics:Other insurance news that is covered by many online sites includes information on specific types of coverage, various discounts available, and what to do about a bad driving record. There are many, many more topics covered. You can easily search for any car insurance subject and locate the answers you desire.

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The youngest new car buyers, aged 19 to 27, are avoiding vehicles from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, choosing instead to patronage cars made by Asian and European manufacturers. This news comes from a study of 2009 and 2010 Generation Y car shoppers undertaken by and published in July 2011.Foreign ModelsAt the top of many car shopping lists was the Scion tC, a compact car made by Toyota’s sub-brand. That car was followed closely by the Mitsubishi Lancer, a sporty compact model. Notably, not one Ford, Chrysler or General Motors vehicle finished in the top ten as models such as the Kia Forte, Honda Civic and Volkswagen GLI resonated with the youngest car buyers.This news may not come as a shock to some, but it does show that the traditional domestic car manufacturers must work diligently to reach young buyers. Indeed, both Ford and Chevrolet have brought out new models since as early as spring 2010 that should appeal to young buyers and might affect an updated study. Those cars include subcompacts such as the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic to compact cars such as the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus.Price PointAn important attraction for this group of first time new car shoppers was the price of these models. Most, with the exception of the Volkswagen GLI were priced near or below $20,000 with one model, the Kia Forte, selling for under $15,000. Young car buyers often have limited budgets to work with and the models which interest them the most are reasonably priced and often include popular amenities such as Bluetooth connectivity, air-conditioning and audio systems.When car buyers connect with a brand, it is difficult for them to be persuaded to switch, especially if they are satisfied with their purchases. Some buyers will stay loyal to a brand throughout their lives, buying as many as a dozen or more new vehicles over a 40- or 50-year period. Ford, Chrysler and GM must find a way to win these buyers otherwise by the next generation these automakers may find its vehicles largely ignored by car shoppers.Good NewsThe news for the domestic makers isn’t completely grim, based on sales data for its small cars in 2011. With the exception of Chrysler, customers are buying the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus, and in numbers above automaker expectations. How many of those are being snapped up by young buyers remains to be seen, but given Ford’s success with social media and its alliance with “American Idol,” its Fiesta and Focus are being exposed to young buyers.

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Recently, the exotic mean machine, Mahindra XUV 500 has been entitled as the ‘Most reputed car’ by a private news agency in India. Earlier, during the first phase of bookings, the XUV 500 got an exceptional response and later on during the second phase of bookings in January this year, it received outstanding 25000+ booking applications. Styled like the ‘Cheetah’, the XUV 500 has also inspired the revamped MUV Xylo to get a new shape. This sturdy crossover starts at the attractive price of Rs. 11.11 lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi). With many rivals like Tata Safari, Tata Aria etc. ruling in the domestic auto-market, the XUV 500′s phenomenal sales figures are itself a big achievement for the car maker, Mahindra & Mahindra.According to the recently conducted surveys, XUV500 crossover has been recognized as the highest reputed car since its launch in September, last year. This recognition has been done in the automotive sector by the Bluebytes News Private Ltd., one of the leading news agencies which surveyed around 75,000 news articles published in various newspapers and online media, during October, 2011 to March, 2012. It was a study of more than 11,000 hours than enabled the news agency to come up with the results declaring that the XUV 500 is the ‘Most reputed car’. Similary, the auto-giant, Maruti Suzuki has been entitled as the ‘Most reputed automobile company’. In addition, the little two-box, Tata Nano was the runner up for the most reputed car.Back in September, 2011, the XUV 500 was launched on the domestic shores that got a following of many crazy enthusiasts in a short span of time. This SUV has reached up to the level where, the auto-giant wanted it to stand in the domestic auto-region. The company introduced this extreme power churner at the starting price of Rs 10.80 lakh and kept it above its other crossover sibling, Mahindra Scorpio. The success story of the XUV 500 has not been that easy because during its launch it had many well established rivals like Toyota Fortuner, Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Outlander, Tata Aria and Tata Safari.The magnificent XUV500 is blessed with a powerful 2.2 mHawk engine that churns maximum power of 140 bhp @ 3750 rpm and maximum torque of 330 Nm @ 1600-2800 rpm. This sturdy crossover is manufactured at company’s Chakan facility near Pune, Maharastra. The automotive experts compliment Mahindra & Mahindra for introducing this well designed product on the domestic shores. The outfit of this off-roader has been developed considering the energetic animal ‘Cheetah’. The entire front, rear and side profile of this car is well structured with perfect curves. The front profile of this crossover is enchanted by clear lens headlamps with little indicators on the corners, big honeycomb grilles with M&M badge and flattened front hood. The rear profile of this car has got parallel tail lamps, flattened rear door, high mounted stop lamp, body colored rear bumper and twin chrome exhausts, while the side profile has got curvy lines across the doors with the big bulge above the rear wheels.

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You wouldn’t imagine that car insurance would change that much or that often, but car insurance is no different than politics, movies, or fashion. It’s not so much that things change and insurance has to change along with it, as it is insurance companies figuring out how to better individualize policies based on differences in drivers. In the early days of car insurance there was often one rate for every driver, regardless of the driver’s age, and regardless of the car’s make or year.Now, things are much different. Each policy is customized and calculated based on a ton of different pieces of information, every one of which could move the price up or down. One disturbing trend in car insurance is a rise in rates for a decent policy, making it all but impossible for those not making much to get a good policy. Anyone can get minimum coverage, but only the well off are able to get ‘full’ coverage.In much better news, there has been a rise in the number of young drivers. Many insurance companies are offering special student vehicle coverage policies which feature special quotes, flexible payment options, and more. With proof of ID, a license, and an age of 16 to 21, one can qualify.Another new type of coverage that is being offered is part specific coverage. This mainly caters to those who have classic cars, so they can double-insure the most valuable parts of their vehicle.The continued bad news is that rates are going to go up significantly in many states soon. It is a good idea to research all these trends and to get your insurance based on this research. There are many excellent ways to compare coverage online from the various insurance companies, and to find the rate and individual coverage that is right for you. There are also other ways to keep up with the latest trends, such as setting up a Google alert to let you know when there is new car insurance news. Often, you will find out about different discounts that might benefit you that you would never know about otherwise.Even with all this information, it is still a good idea to get updated quotes once or twice during the year. With a little work, you can get great coverage and a low rate, and avoid all the rising costs that seem to be the trend today.

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During the past week, the world has witnessed a series of events that influenced the various sectors of the growing global economy. On one hand, some events promised more developments and expansion not only in the international trade but also in specific countries. On the other hand, some occurrences may negatively impact or alter certain aspects of world trade including the economy of the country specifically involved.Oil Price Rolls Back in the World marketThe entire week is full of good news for oil importers worldwide. Since Monday, the oil price decreased by $2 per barrel in the world market. Prior to that, the value of oil kept on increasing due to the disruption of supply in Iraq as well as in Nigeria. According to the report by Mohamed El Baradei, director of International Atomic Energy Agency, Iraq has been planning to empower its production of nuclear fuel. The news has caused tension and raised concerns regarding nuclear weapons. Discussion about the issue is currently ongoing. The IAEA will talk about the subject on its scheduled meeting on March 6. After which, the report will be handed to the U.N security for final assessment.The almost $2 decrease of oil price in the world market was caused by a failed terrorist attack that took place at the largest oil plant in Saudi. The situation though was immediately controlled by the Saudi forces that were roused to full alert because of the tension. The oil supply though was not disrupted within the country despite the attack. The value of light crude oil decreased by $1.91 while the price of brent crude oil lowered to $1.61.The opposite situation, however, is taking place in Nigeria. Just recently, the oil price rose up to more than $2 per barrel. The sudden increase was influenced by the news of the Saudi terrorist attack. Moreover, another reason was oil supply within the Nigerian region was cut by 13,000 barrels per day due to the discovery of a leak. The series of militant threats and attacks within the region also prompted the increase of the oil price.According to energy analysts, the improvement of the oil price in the world market would have been even better. However, there are several factors (like the focus of the oil market on short-term inventory data) that prevent more positive results. Currently, the oil price still remains close to $61 per barrel as a result of Algeria’s plea to OPEC for market stability.Meanwhile, Shell, which is the third leading oil company, has gained a total of $23 B profit last year. This should be an enough reason to celebrate, but the huge oil company is currently facing the need to improve and expand its oil resources. Otherwise, it will run out off supply in the future. According to reports, Shell was only able to replace between 60% – 70% of the gas it used for production last year. In 2004, the percentage was even lower with only 19% or replacement.Shell, however, is making use of its large assets in order to meet the stiff market competition. Its oil reserve projects located in Nigeria, Sakhalin Island, and Gulf of Mexico are currently underway. The success of these projects would definitely empower the company’s future possibilities.Regions in the U.S particularly East Coast and Nigeria are also facing issues with regard to their oil supply. This problem may eventually result to changes in the price of fuel. This situation is primarily caused by the shift in the chemical used in the fuel refining process. Formerly, MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) was used during the process. The use of MTBE, nevertheless, led to problems and protests regarding water pollution and the contamination of water supply. As an alternative, fuel companies in the U.S particularly in the East Coast and Texas are utilizing ethanol. The problem though is that ethanol is not abundantly produced within the country. Moreover, the fuel refining needs are greater than the amount of reserve available. As a solution, the U.S government is currently importing ethanol from Brazil while it continues to construct more ethanol plants within the country.The campaign for energy independence in the U.S is also receiving negative feedbacks. Critics such as Tom Friedman of The New York Times commented that the government should focus on other more relevant issues aside from it. The claim that while energy independence may be motivated by noble purposes, it might not be the wisest move now. The government should look for other more practical alternatives. Besides, the big budget energy independence demands could be allotted to the other sectors of the economy and government.The Various Auto Companies Continue to Grow and Expand in the World market.The discussion regarding oils issues leads us to another important area, which is the car industry. Generally, auto companies reported notable developments and expansions during this week. Last Wednesday, Nanjing Automobile acquired the MG Rover plant at Longbridge, England for a 33 year lease from St. Modwen Properties Plc. The leading Chinese auto maker is said to have paid 1.8 M pounds for the 105 acre factory. Nanjing surprised the global car industry last July 2005 when it bought MG rover for around 53 M pounds thus outbidding its fellow Chinese competitor, Shanghai Automotive Corp. The big move is part of the company’s vision to become one of the leading car brands in the world.Honda Motors Co. is also getting more attention form the international auto market after it disclosed its plans to produce a hybrid yet low priced version of its Fit subcompact. The car maker intends to release the hybrid design next year. Honda representatives, nevertheless, clarified that the hybrid technology will be distributed only at a lower scale. This is due to the design’s very expensive production cost. However, Honda is also developing smaller battery and motors that would help reduce the hybrid cost in the future. This venture is part of Honda’s goal to beat the problem of high-gasoline consumption through specially designed automobiles. Aside from Honda, other companies that have joined the market for hybrid cars are Ford and Toyota.Based on its recent report, Ford Motor Co. has dropped down in its sales by 4% last month. Another company that has followed the same trend is General Motors. According to GM, its sales also decreased by 2.5%. Meanwhile, the total sales of both Toyota and DaimlerChrysler continued to improve this year. Particularly, the Chrysler Group jumped in its sales by 3% of around 190,367 cars. Some of the most popular automobiles sold by the company are: Dodge automobiles, Chrysler, and Jeep. Chrysler’s Mercedes-Benz also improved by 28%. Toyota reported that its sales within the U.S alone rose by 2.4% to around 166,940 cars last February.Although Ford’s sales on Jaguar have decreased last year, the auto maker declared that it has no plans of selling Jaguar. Ford bought the famous car brand back in 1989 for around 1.6B pounds. This year, the car company is positive that Jaguar sales is going to recover and improve. Ford is also set to release a new car model that would be hitting Europe soon. This is part of its strategy to keep up with the strong competition against other auto giants especially those that come from Asia.As part of its move to recover from its losses, General Motors officially tasked Jerry York as its newest member of the board. York is noted for its remarkable achievements at Chrysler and IBM. Although GM has been receiving negative feedbacks lately, York is positive that the company is going to recover. During his January speech, he proposed five things to the GM management: first, to make the expectation of revenue and cost more realistic; second, reduction of product offerings; third, review the whole company with an unbiased perspective; fourth, focus on core businesses; fifth, set a clear vision for the company.Several Computer Companies Seek for ExpansionIn terms of technology, Intel Corp. recently got the official permission from Vietnam in order to construct a microchip plant within its territory. Earlier, the leading microchip company, proposed the $605M project, which will be built at Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam would surely benefit from the budget since the project is expected to attract more foreign investors in the country.Meanwhile, Lenovo computer company has announced its plans to release computers that bear the company’s name. Lenovo computers formerly carried the logo of IBM. The company stated that the move is part of its plans to establish itself in the worldwide market of computer technology.Just recently, Apple computers invited several analysts and new reporters to its Cupertino base in order to check out its so-called “new and fun products.” So what’s up with the big bang? Rumor has it that Apple is intending to expand its technological products into Hollywood. Apparently, its iTunes has been contributing to the promotion of many TV programs. Again, there’s a possibility that the latest rumors could again turn out to be wrong. Yet then invitation given by Apple is surely a good sign that the company is up of a big bang of a surprise for everyone.As part of China’s vision to improve its local technological industries, Vice Premier Wu Yi vowed last Thursday to strengthen the fight against illegal copying of softwares, music, and videos. Piracy has been a growing problem in the country for years. Despite several attempts to combat it, the problem continues to spread. In fact, piracy in China has roused international complaints including the report made by Washington. Now, the Vice Premier pledged to strengthen the battle against piracy not only as a response to these foreign complaints, but also as part of China’s goal to improve its local technology.More Developments in Various Sectors to Boost Global TradeJust recently, Morgan Stanley decided to invest around $68 M to Mantri Developers Private Ltd. which is a property development company based in Bangalore, India. The decision is part of Morgan Stanley’s plan of venturing into the global stream of real estate. At the same time the investment, would also help Mantri in its plans for national expansion. Real estate is currently booming in India due to the increasing demands for housing projects and office buildings. This economic rise is also attracting many foreign investors now.In terms of health, Roche finally got the approval from the U.S drug regulatory board to release Rituxan as the newest drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The approval of the new medicine does not only promise more profit on the part of Roche, but it gives likewise hope for the patients who have not responded to other standard treatments of rheumatoid arthritis.U.S faces Several Economic ConcernsBased on the latest report, the trade gap between exports and imports in the U.S has increased during the past year from 18% – 75% of a trillion dollar. This is due to the fact that American consumers have continued to demand for more imported products such as oil, vehicles, and other goods. According to analysts, only a 57% increase in exports can bridge the gap. It must be noted the U.S. is a leading exporter in certain goods such as aircraft. Although the sales of durable goods decreased during the past year, producing companies such as Boeing hope to improve in their sales in the succeeding years.Meanwhile, the huge damage left by hurricane Katrina has also caused the insurance companies in the U.S to adjust their premiums. The adjustment is deemed necessary in order to cover the potential loss that would be caused by future catastrophes.There’s also good news regarding IT job opportunities based in the U.. Although many American companies are resorting into offshore services now, IT employment opportunities continue to grow in the U.S This is due to the fact that there are still certain IT tasks that needs to be based within its territory.

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With advance in technology, you can minimize the time spent at the car dealership or eliminate visiting it sometimes. Online buying is the new trend nowadays regarding car purchases. It has become easy for car buyers to get the car they want at a great price through the Internet. Different models of hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and classic sport cars can be purchased online.Online car buying can save time and money. It also provides a wide choice of cars styles. Most of the people looking for the cost saving alternatives are purchasing cars through Internet. This has been increasing the car sales online compared to the traditional way of purchasing. Almost all car dealerships are online these days. Let us know something about online car buying trends.Car purchase through online dealershipsAn automotive retailer who is specialized in selling cars through the Internet is called as an online car dealership. It includes a physical showroom having online sales as a supplement to traditional sales. There are many websites showing the price, style and designs of cars that are available for sale. You can compare all these details from various websites and dealerships and can make a great choice based on your needs. Some online dealerships process all the transactions including paperwork through mail or the Internet. However, there are some dealerships which only list their cars online and require the customers to visit the showroom.The businesses which do their businesses exclusively on the Internet are called virtual dealerships. Only Internet clients are focused for selling cars through these dealerships. One who wishes to purchase a car through these dealerships, may visit the dealership to pick up a vehicle. However, some of these dealerships have relations with shipping companies and the vehicle can be delivered to your home directly.The other type of online dealership is a physical dealership. It specializes only in online sales by having salespeople who work only with the Internet prospects. It is safe to purchase a car online from a physical dealership. These dealerships may have the Internet sales department within or apart from the showroom space. One can easily find a vehicle based on the requirements through both, virtual and physical online dealerships.Many people these days prefer online car purchases for both new and used cars. This is because online car buying is much cheaper and efficient. Instead of driving from one dealership to other searching for the best vehicle, you can opt for an online car purchase. You can find a wide range of choices of model, color, and year of the car in the websites. You can also choose for the best priced car from a specific dealership by comparison with many other websites just sitting at home. Thus, some traveling expenses can be saved. This amount can be spent in car or other accessory purchases. It is because of these reasons that online car buying trends are much cheaper than the traditional ones.You can find a large amount of viable stock online in an hour or two. It saves a lot of time that is spent on traditional means. Online car buying trends for used and new car purchases are therefore increasing these days.

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The world of car retailing is changing, and it means good news for car buyers. The traditional way of buying a car from a dealer’s showroom has been around forever, and it’s a game where the playing field is tilted heavily in the dealer’s favour. The dealer knows all of the numbers involved much better than the buyer, and so knows exactly where margins can be increased and reduced to maximise their profits while still appearing to provide a good deal.It’s a bit like a casino; the punters at the tables may have a few individual wins here and there, but overall the house always wins. Buying a car from a dealer is similar, in that you might get them to drop the car’s price slightly or throw in some extras, but they get it all back again on the finance package or the other extras you hadn’t realised you even needed (but were convinced by the salesman that they were absolutely essential).The internet has gone some way to helping buyers, in that you can easily check prices from several different dealerships all over the country. But that’s still only a starting point; a dealer will often be happy to cut the price on a car if they can make it up elsewhere, and it becomes very difficult to stay on top of the negotiations when you have a new car, your part-exchange (trade-in), finance, insurance, options and accessories all making up the final numbers. The dealer is expert at juggling all these balls at once, and they know exactly how much they are making from each part of the overall deal. The customer, usually, is completely in the dark as to how much of a deal they are really getting.More and more car buyers are now turning to a car buying agent or car broker to help them manage their car purchasing. Here the buyer gets to play on a level field with the dealer, as the car buying agent or car broker usually has the same knowledge and expertise as the dealer to be able to negotiate on every aspect of the deal to the advantage of the buyer.The other advantage of using a car broker or car buying agent is that it saves you an enormous amount of time. Researching cars and trekking all over town to visit dealerships, getting quotes from different dealers on different models and comparing all the information is a tremendously laborious exercise. A car buying agent or car broker can take car of all the running around and allow you to concentrate on your job or enjoy your recreational time.So what exactly does a car buying agent or a car broker do?Let’s explain the difference between a car buying agent and a car broker.With a car broker, you provide as much detail as you can about the car you are looking for, and the broker sources a vehicle which matches your desired specification as closely as possible.A car buying agent offers a more comprehensive overall service, usually involving specific advice and recommendations on choosing a car and its specification to suit your needs, as well as the sourcing of the chosen vehicle. If you are not sure on the best sort of car for your needs, a car buying agent’s advice can be far more valuable than the savings he or she may be able to get from the dealer. Choosing a more suitable car can be worth a considerable saving over your whole ownership period, even if the deal on the car’s price is not as significant. Many people have bought a car completely unsuitable for their needs, and using a car broker won’t prevent that. A good car buying agent, however, will help you ensure that you are choosing a car which will do everything you need for as long as you own it.FeesBrokers and agents make their money from either a fee charged to the client for their service, and/or a payment or commission from the dealer. This is an important point for you as a buyer; if your broker is being paid by a dealer, they are ultimately working for the dealer rather than for you, meaning they may not be acting in your best interests to secure the best car available at the best price possible.To ensure that your agent is acting in your best interests and not the dealer’s, you should always look for a car buying agent or car broker who has a clear fee structure and does not take payments or commissions from the selling dealer. The fees should be clearly explained, easily understandable, and relate to the service provided. If a broker advertises their services as being free, then it almost certainly means they are being paid a commission or ‘finder’s fee’ by the dealership. If an agent or broker offers their advice as free, it is unlikely to be a properly detailed and analytical report which covers every aspect of your driving needs.A car broker will normally charge a fee based on the value of the car they are sourcing. If this is the case, you should be clearly aware of their fee structure before you commence – for example, if the relevant price threshold on their fee structure is £30,000, then a car costing £30,001 may mean a much larger fee for the broker than a car costing £29,999.Some agents or brokers will charge a flat fee for their services, and some may charge a fee based on the level of discount they achieve from the advertised price. This means that the more money you save, the more they will make and gives you some reassurance that they are acting in your best interests.With a car buying agent, there will normally be a fee for their advice and expertise, and a separate fee for sourcing a vehicle. Again, you should be aware of how their pricing works, but don’t be put off by the idea of paying for expert advice as it may save you thousands in the long term. You may even use a car buying agent for advice on choosing a car but handle the purchase yourself. This is often the case with company car drivers, who have leasing arrangements in place at their workplace but don’t know which car to lease.In summary, a car broker or car buying agent can make the process of buying a car much more appealing and advantageous to the average consumer, saving considerable time and potentially a lot of money.

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There is a saying: “You have to dress to impress on your first date”. It is certainly true, but we all have to admit that for guys the most important thing on the first date should be their ride. Just picture this scene: you’re at her door in tuxedo with a bouquet of 25 roses (her favorites). She opens the door, takes you by the arm and you slowly walk her towards your Baby Blue color 1998 Toyota Corolla with multiple dings, scratches and a bumper sticker that says “Nirvana”. If she is a smart and beautiful girl she will fake faint right there on the spot or will bolt and run away like Usain Bolt. Women don’t really care that much about your attire, flowers or manners. Your ride on the opposite will speak volumes to them and in most cases will make them totally blind to everything else. Now picture another scene: you’re at her door with one hand holding your falling down pants and in your other hand a 24 ounce can of “Milwaukee’s Best” wrapped in a brown paper bag. She opens the door and since she is a smart girl she is about to fake faint or almost ready to bolt like Mr. Bolt but she peeks over your right shoulder and sees your 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible parked in her driveway. And because she is a smart and beautiful girl she takes you by the arm and walks you down to your car. The rest of the story is up to your imagination.It’s very simple my friends – your future and your wife to be is determined by Your Ride. Cruel but true, that’s why Date My Ride website came up with a list of 2010 Top 10 Best Dating Cars for Guys. Rides are not listed in any particular order or sequence. Those are simply the Top 10 must haves.2010 Chevrolet Hurst/Camaro. This one is the perfect ride for the first date. The new 2010 Camaro will sure knock your date off her feet. Stylish body flow, aggressive grill, 20 inch rims (bling, bling) and 420-hp 6.2L V-8 powerful engine will absolutely close the deal on your first date. Plus this sweet ride is a huge ego booster – no girl will ever care of your looks or clothing when you are pulling into her driveway with this sweet new ride.
2010 Rolls -Royce Ghost. This one right of the bat makes a statement – I am over 60, I am filthy rich, I could die pretty soon and leave you fighting with my heirs over the money. With ride like this one – 212.6 inches long, price tag of over $300K, 536-hp 6.6L V-12 engine you will attract the hottest gold diggers from all over the world. The news flash for gramps – no gold digger will care about your looks, jaw implants, hearing aids or Alzheimer’s when you are proudly drooling behind the steering wheel of this bad ass coffin!
2010 Nissan GT-R. When chicks are going to see you in the ride such as 2010 Nissan GT-R two things will come to their minds – “Fast and Furious and Vin Diesel.” This ride will create an impression of you that you are as buff and tough like Mr. Diesel. Put few stripes or flames on the hood; throw in some monstrous speakers and this 485-hp 3.8L V-6 Turbo engine tow seater will become a love ride. No coed will ever say “No” to you when she sees you in this ride flying down the street or doing smoky wheelies. Plus you will be able to smoke every Civic or Corolla at the traffic light. The only bad news is that this ride isn’t cheap – $84K, so your part-time job at Chuck E Cheese’s won’t cut it.
2010 Audi R8. Even James Bond- Agent 007 wouldn’t be ashamed to ride in this baby. 2010 Audi R8 should be every man’s dream. If this is your ride you can be well assured that Miley Cyrus would be fighting Sarah Palin about who gets to go out on the date with you. With this ride even if you are resembling George Costanza from Seinfeld – short, bold, no job, living with parents you absolutely will be dating the most gorgeous women! 525-hp 5.2L V-10 humming engine will make any kitty purr in this powerful ride.
2011 Jaguar XJ – Series.You want to impress Desperate Housewives from LA, NY, NJ, and OC? Get this kitty cat – 510-hp 5.0L V-8 engines wouldn’t be bad for David Beckham either. The look of this car just says: “I am in it to win it” and “Of course I am a Gentleman”. Somehow this ride asks you to dress nicely so you become part of the car. And because of all that Euro/British hype ladies would be expecting you to be at the par with this car. Two words to describe this ride: “Gentlemen’s Choice”.
2010 Ferrari California.The name says it all – “Ferrari California”. To have this ride you must a) live in LA, b) be one of those want to be A list or at least B list celebrities c) “have your dealer on a speed dial” and oh, almost forgot d) you must be skinny. If you meet all of the above this 460-hp 4.3L V-8 engine convertible is Your ride. Just keep in mind you will be attracting certain types of women with those common elements: a) she lives in LA, b) she is one of those want to be A list celebrities, c) “she will have her dealer on a speed dial” d) she will probably be a D size and oh, almost forgot e) she will be skinny.
2010 Ford F – 250 Super Duty.Smell of beer, wood, gun powder, dogs and fish mixed with other women’s perfume that is the smell of a real man driving this Bad Boy! Who cares that his ride is bigger than his 1966 modular home sitting on stilts. A real woman needs a real man and real men drive real bad as trucks such as 385-hp 6.2L V-8 engine Ford F-250 Super Duty! And the best thing about this ride is that you can literally hoard loads of women in its bed.
2010 Toyota Prius.You get this ride and every girl with “Green Peace” t-shirt will fall for you. Being “green” is fashionable these days. Even some actual A list Hollywood celebrities drive Priuses. But be forewarned that this 134-hp 1.8L engine bucket looking ride won’t score you any point with hot gold diggers, desperate housewives or girls from The Hills. Most likely you and your date will end up hugging the trees on a first date.
2010 BMW M3 Convertible.This ride is an ultimate must have date car for guys. It is amazing how the sound of three simple letters Be-eM-double U will sweep your date of her feet. You won’t even need to buy any alcohol, just give her a ride in this 414-hp 4.0L V-8 convertible and she will feel absolutely drunk. Any man becomes a superhero when he drops those three simple letters to the woman….Be, eM, double U….
2010 Mercedes -Benz CL65 AMG. No Top 10 car list is complete without the Benz. Women in all age groups, demographics and social levels will pay attention to you if you come to pick her up on a first date in this ride. We have to stress this again that you looks are not important if you are cruising down the street in this $200K plus, 604-hp 6.0L V-12 symbol of wealth. Get your date in a car, relax, adjust your hearing aid or pick piece of spinach from your braces and let this ride do its job.

Dealing With High Fuel Cost When Closing the Car Deal – Cars News

I noticed that gas was $3.45 today. Although this is not good news it does make for some opportunities to talk about the value available in trading for a new car. As always we are selling value and many times have to present the value in order to be paid for it.This isn’t the first time the car market has dealt with high gas prices. In 1974 the car market had to deal with an oil embargo. You may have seen some of the old news clips showing the lines waiting to fill up. I didn’t ever see a line but I do remember gas went to 50 cents a gallon, about a 70% increase. Sales slowed but we still sold cars. As a salesperson we had to show people the need and value in trading. At the time most cars were full size and driving at 55 miles per hour, with the air off, you might get 15 mpg. Some of the newer full size cars got 18mpg and we had some new model small cars the got over 30 mpg.What we had to do was introduce the value of gas savings and how that effected the monthly auto budget and helped offset the monthly expense of trading. So if a customer was concerned about having a payment increase of $20 to $40 dollars a month, we might be able to show them a net savings when they take into account the gas budget. The secret to this is, that it has to be the customer’s math. Whatever they say the miles driven per year are and whatever they say they pay for gas, you have to use. Just drawing out the math in front of them doesn’t bring them along. Also you are a car salesmen and they won’t believe you. If you use their math you have a much better chance they will understand and believe the math.One calculates the miles driven per year divided by the mile per gallon to equal the number of gallons used per year. Do the same for the new car and subtract those gallons used per year from the current car to come to gallons save per year. That times the price per gallon for fuel equals the dollars saved per year. That divided by 12 months will show the monthly savings that could be netted against the new car payment.There will be times when a customer can trade their old car for a newer model with better millage and come close to the same monthly expense for autos. If gas goes higher these savings numbers become even larger.As always do not do this with a customer until you role played it with another salesperson first.